Top 5 Tips When Developing an E-Commerce Website

9 May 2022Digital Media

Top 5 Tips When Developing an E-Commerce Website

9 May 22 | Digital Media

E-commerce websites create online shopping opportunities for businesses in any industry. When customers know what to expect, this investment can expand profits exponentially.

Here are some crucial tips to consider if you’re currently developing an e-commerce site.

1. Have an SSL Certificate

Website security is crucial for an e-commerce platform. If customers don’t feel like their payment or personal information is safe, it is unlikely that they’ll do business with you.

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer.” It handles sensitive information successfully by creating a secure connection between the company’s server and the consumer’s browser.

These additional benefits are also available with this security upgrade.

  • Information gets encrypted so only the intended parties can read and understand it.
  • It guarantees that customers know your website is updated and ready to use.
  • The extra security can safeguard against possible phishing attempts while offering more brand power.

Unfortunately the SSL Cert does not fully protect your website from attack. Your website can be compromised from the admin login page. Some reasons this breach can happen is down to poor password choice and security, not upgrading to the latest version of websites software. There are many other aspect which we will cover in a future blog post.


2. Product Imagery

Since people cannot hold or feel products when shopping online, an e-commerce platform must have comprehensive images for each item sold. Most consumers look at product pictures three or four times before deciding if something suits their needs.

These additional benefits are also possible when you add incredible product images to an e-commerce site.

  • Each picture or digital image increases the opportunities for organic brand discovery through search engine queries.
  • More conversions occur because the platform’s user experience is better.
  • Fewer product returns and more positive reviews occur.

Read our blog post on product photography tips for some extra insight.


3. Product Categories

People want to know how a product benefits them if they buy it. That means your e-commerce website must describe each purchase’s actual and perceived advantages.

After splitting your products into different search categories for convenience, think about the tangible impacts consumers would have in the real world with that item. How will this product improve your customers life. What is the function of the product and how will it help your customer achieve their task more efficiently or how will it impact their life in a positive way. Is the design of this product different to competitors and why? Does the unique design make it more efficent etc..

Then address the perceived benefits. What are the benefits to purchasing this product. What impression does the item convey, and how does that impact the visitor’s experience?

You want to achieve a connection between your band, your customers and your products. Creating and building on this connection will in turn turn first time customers into repeating customers.

Poor product categories is the number one error we see on small to medium sized e-commerce websites. This mistake is impacting on your sales and growth.


4. Simplified Checkout Process

A single-page checkout increases conversions because it reduces obstacles in the buying process. Consumers want to complete this process quickly so that they can get to the next item on their to-do list.

Most one-page checkouts take less than a minute to complete. That means people have less time to change their minds about working with your e-commerce platform.

A simpler checkout can also increase the site performance, which makes your e-commerce platform work better on mobile devices.


5. Clear Shipping Policies and Easy Returns

Consumers want to know how much they can expect for a shipping charge without a surprise. Your policy should clearly state the cost while offering a reasonable estimate time of arrival. If you offer different options, such as overnight or next-day, it is easier for shoppers to meet their needs. When you include easy returns, the straightforward process can lead to more transactions.

Other policies to include are:

  • Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Policy
  • Cookies Policy

To Conclude

These tips can help your e-commerce website shine! You’ll discover that sales funnel progression can regularly happen when the customer comes first.

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