The Power of Content Marketing and Blogging

3 Nov 2021Blogging

The Power of Content Marketing and Blogging

3 Nov 21 | Blogging

If you’re a search engine, you love content. It’s the best way to answer most consumer’s queries.

Some content is better than others, meaning the goal is to provide the best answer to each person in a timely manner. If you want your information to be found, that category is where you want your site to be.

Google and other search engines index websites with relevant content. Although you can create different website pages to provide this information, the best way to do it is by regularly updating a blog.

How Does a Blog Help My Content Marketing Efforts?

Imagine that you have two businesses side-by-side. One has been offering services for 35 years, while the other has been open for less than 60 days.

The average consumer is more likely to choose the experienced provider when no other information is present.

Blogging allows you to provide the additional info that people need to see that you have expertise. When you combine that knowledge with specific keywords, your Google listings improve dramatically.

The Power of Content Marketing and Blogging

Here are some other reasons to consider a blog for your content marketing needs today.

Add Value to the Experience

People want to know their lives will improve by investing in what you offer. Content marketing is the medium where you communicate those opportunities.

Value is a combination of price, outcome, and experience for the consumer. When you can promise that all three aspects can solve problems, you have the foundation for a purchase. Blogging helps you to communicate that fact to others.

Optimisation Opportunities

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term content marketing tactic that improves brand visibility. You’re more likely to earn consumer clicks when your website is consistently ranked higher than a competitor’s site.

People want to work with relevant brands that communicate their benefits thoroughly and efficiently. That’s why the listings at the top of the average search engine receive the most clicks.

Email Collection

Blogging and content marketing are practical ways to collect prospect email addresses. When people see the value in what you offer, they often want more. After they sign up for newsletters and other exclusive items, you can communicate directly with these potential customers.

Extra touch points create more conversion opportunities. Even if a sale doesn’t occur, each communication effort that reaches an inbox is another opportunity to keep your brand at the top of the consumer’s mind.

Develop Organic Backlinks

At it’s core, the internet is a digital space where information builds on top of itself. When you provide original content that people find helpful, others will reference it while putting their spin on an idea. Once that page or blog post publishes, it creates a backlink to your information. Google likes to see incoming and outgoing links as part of the ranking process because that activity provides evidence of value.


Content is effective when it comes across as authentic. Finding the right voice and tone to communicate efficiently with your audience is crucial. Be patient, give it time, create great quality content and once you find that blogging sweet spot, you’ll see many of these benefits appear for your business.

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