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Website Design

Website Design

With over 20 years experience in designing and developing websites for Irish businesses, our website design team have the creative experience to bring your website to new heights. Our team brings a creative vision and technical expertise to design an online digital home for your business.

Eagle Dreams Digital Media is a full service digital media company offering comprehensive internet solutions including: web design, bespoke development and digital media services.

All websites designed by us are bespoke and individually tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients.

Digital Media

The Internet is changing on a fast and regular basis and new and emerging technologies are constantly being introduced. Businesses who navigate these changes and leverage the power of the internet have a greater potential to increase their success.

Due to the importance of digital media and the resulting success it may have on the business, some business owners may feel overwhelmed and may not even know where to begin. Being able to effectively use digital media tools such as social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok is becoming not only more popular but necessary for businesses to advance and succeed in today’s marketplace.

At Eagle Dreams, we love the Internet and we enjoy sharing the exciting new technologies that are emerging on a regular basis. Furthermore, we are excited by the new and innovative ways that businesses can communicate, promote, research and develop their products online.

We are here to help you connect to your online audience.

Website Design
Website Design


At Eagle Dreams we offer bespoke training for our clients and also for a number of Local Enterprise Offices around the country. We provide one to one bespoke training to each of our clients. Our training covers a wide varity of topics including:
– How to use the Content Management System of their website
– How to post new blog posts
– How to add new products
– How to change the price of their products
– How to add new pages
– How to process online orders

Having the ability to add fresh new content is vital to the success of your website.

With our qualifications in IT training we believe in the importance of ensuring that all of our clients have the confidence and knowledge they require to run their business online.

Each project is different and unique and we relish the task of designing and developing a website to reach its potential.

At Eagle Dreams we seek to understand your business, it’s objectives, philosophy and brand. We identify what needs to be achieved, your unique selling points, your target audience and consider how your brand will enhance your business.

Local Enterprise Office 

At Eagle Dreams we are privalaged to work with a number the Local Enterprise Offices around the country to provide training and mentoring to their clients. We deliver a number of different digital courses that help business owners improve the online presence, attract new customers and grow their business.

We have a passion for teaching and have an understanding of what it take to run a business. We understand the volume of tasks needed to be undertaken by business owners in order to make their business a success. The online landscape is another task that is either loved or dreaded by many. Our job during our training sessions is to make the task of competing online not so daunting and to impart our knowledge and skill to the course participants. 


Video is one of the most effective media available to businesses today. Connect with your target audience with inspiring visuals and messages. Speak to us and we will be happy to help with your production needs.

Website Design
Website Design


At Eagle Dreams we provide our clients with a bespoke hosting solution which is only available to our clients. Our hosting server is based in Dublin, this ensures our client’s data is within the EU and complies with GDPR guidelines. Having our own server we can offer our client’s a complete, secure and reliable service.



We are always on hand for our clients to guide them on their internet journey. We offer support packages that emcompass all eventualities so you don’t have to worry about the technology, just the business of servicing your customers.

Let Your Business Soar!

With our creative and fresh thinking approach.

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