How Can a Website Help My Business?

13 Jan 2022Digital Media

How Can a Website Help My Business?

13 Jan 22 | Digital Media

Websites can have a significantly positive impact on a business. It can also deliver a negative result when it’s content quality is perceived as questionable.

Most prospects look for a website and customer reviews to determine your offer’s value. They ask for your URL instead of your physical location.

Websites let you establish credibility from the first encounter with a visitor while building trust. As consumers become engaged with your content, the lead generation process begins. That support often leads to a high conversion rate.

Your Website Is Your Digital Home

Imagine having 30 seconds to pitch your products or services to a stranger. How would you describe your business and what you offered during that time?

That’s the job your website offers to visitors. It is where people get the information they want about your company, products and services.

If you want to establish a positive first impression with your website, it should contain these elements.

  • Simple Navigation Structures. Websites let people explore what you offer at a pace and time that works for them. Most sites today use silo architecture to keep everything easy to find.
  • Relevant Landing Pages. People come to your site because they’re interested in what you offer. The content on your home page (or anywhere else they land) should reflect the value and expertise provided. Remember customers don’t read websites from the beginning to end or home page to contact us, they begin reading on whatever page they open or land on first.
  • Calls to Action. When you’re ready to buy something at a store, you go to the self-checkout, till or ask for assistance. How do you know where to go? Signage points you in the right direction. A call to action on your website and in your content delivers the digital version of this process, showing visitors what they need to do to take the next step.

More people access the internet with mobile devices rather than computers today. That means your website can reach potential customers wherever they are anytime they use their smartphone. A responsive website is a website that sizes up to the size of the screen it is being accessed on. Responsive websites are a vital element of the website design and build process.

Websites Allow People To Get to Know You

Content is king for a modern website, but don’t ignore the value of a bio. Consumers want to feel a social connection with the people behind the brand.

When someone feels connected to others, they’re more likely to trust the information received from those brands or individuals. The relationships from that process create emotions that drive the transaction process. People do business with people. Consumers read your website to find out what type of person they will be doing business with.

Websites also help your business by tracking numerous data points. You can see how many conversions occur, look at your return on investment (ROI), or other key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter. It is a comprehensive way to evaluate the strength of your marketing investments and overall online presence.

If you’re not online, a competitor is probably serving customers that could be yours. Now is the time to create or upgrade a business website to ensure you reach your target market.

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