7 Effective Blog Posts to Create for Your Content Marketing Efforts

9 Oct 2022Blogging

7 Effective Blog Posts to Create for Your Content Marketing Efforts

9 Oct 22 | Blogging

Blogging is an essential component of content marketing. Blog posts provide opportunities to convey expertise while delivering valuable information to the reader. Blog post also help your customers understand what type of business you operate and what level of quality and service they should expect to receive if they chose to become a customer.

Several formats and structures are available to use when investing in this type of content marketing strategy. Here are some of the best options to consider for your blog to feel modern and informative.

Types of Blog Posts to Write for Content Marketing

Readers like to see a variety of information with different blog post structures. When you provide a mix of the following choices, you’ll create a foundation that maintains their interest.

1. List-Based Articles

These blog posts are the most common you’ll find online. A list streamlines the information for readers in several ways.

  • It highlights essential information.
  • Readers can find the exact items they want to see without reading the entire post.
  • The structure offers a progressive style that creates a logical start and finish to the content.

Lists can be presented in several ways, such as “Top Reasons Why” or “Best Ideas to Use.” Try to use odd numbers as they get the most search traffic.

2. How-To Blog Posts

People look to the internet to find information about solving specific problems. Your blog can meet that need by providing posts in this format.

A how-to guide delivers step-by-step information that creates results for readers when followed. This option can help someone make a cake, assemble an item, or clean a stain. As long as the information ties back to your business, it becomes an effective content marketing option.

3. Infographic Posts

People are visually orientated. An infographic provides small data snippets that are easier to understand and implement rather than a lengthy blog post.

When you combine the full explanation with the graphic, you’ll have an outstanding piece of content that can help to increase the organic traffic levels to your site.

4. Checklist Posts

It feels satisfying to check items off a to-do list. Blog posts that offer the different steps needed to reach a goal are helpful because they leave zero room for interpretation.

These cheat sheets can tackle personal or professional tasks. You can even create ones that work for B2B. You can ask people to subscribe to your newsletter and they will receive a downloadable pdf checklist that they can utilise themselves. This option gives you a new lead that you can convert into a customer.

5. Interview Articles

An interview lets you convey a different perspective while establishing your site as an industry expert. The easiest way to create this content is to send that person a list of questions. Once you receive a written response, you can edit and publish without much extra work.

6. Transcribed Posts

If you create podcasts or videos for your website, try turning the transcripts into a blog post. Since a 30-minute podcast could be lengthy, it helps to create a summary of the information covered so that readers can understand the topic.

7. Guest Blog Posts

Why write a blog post when someone else might be willing to do it for you? Guest posts are usually compensated with an outgoing link to the author’s website.

You can share case studies or personal stories on your blog. Some websites offer newsworthy articles or press releases to establish brand expertise. When you deliver a healthy mix of these options, there’s an excellent chance that your readership numbers will start growing!

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