Web Design

Eagle Dreams seek to understand your business, it’s objectives, philosophy and brand. We identify what needs to be achieved, your unique selling points, your target audience and consider how your website will enhance your business.

Through consultation, we deliver a written, detailed solution encompassing all pages, functions, costs and expected timescales for the website design and development. All websites designed by us are bespoke and individually tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients.

Web Design

We achieve success through incorporating our design and development process in structured phases keeping you involved at all times. Our design style concentrates on clarity, organisation and expression so as to best communicate with your target market while also incorporating the brand concept and strategic thinking behind your product or service.

Content Management System (CMS)CMS

Eagle Dreams understands the need for amendments to company information, services and products and so we facilitate this through our CMS solution. A CMS enables the non-technical individual to manage and control their company's website. Our CMS enables you to edit any page on your website with ease at any time.

We provide full CMS training and this ensures that you or any member of your staff will be fully capable of making changes to your website. This helps to keep the information on your website fresh and relevant at all times. This also ensures that all modifications are made in a consistent manner that does not compromise the overall look and feel of your website.

E-CommerceShopping cart

Here at Eagle Dreams we help you with your e-commerce needs. Since there has been rapid growth in purchasing goods online, it is vital to have a grasp of e-commerce in order to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

A Shopping Cart is an ideal and secure method of allowing your customers to buy with confidence and ease. It can be a huge asset to your business to provide your customers with the opportunity to buy products at a time convenient to them.

Remember with an E-Commerce Solution, your business is open 24/7.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)SEO

SEO is a marketing process which will improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. The higher your website is listed in a search result, the higher the volume of traffic to your website.

The goal of any SEO strategy should be to get the highest unrestricted listing under specific agreed keywords.

As part of our unrivalled customer service, Eagle Dreams will discuss a number of key points with you to optimise your website for a first page listing on Google.

Domain & HostingDomain name

The domain name is the unique name given to each website.  Your domain name or web address (e.g.www.eagledreams.ie) is vital to your marketing and branding. A clear, concise and easy to remember domain name can lead to an increase in customer usage and profitability.

We can register and administer domain names on behalf of our clients. These include all key domain names such as .ie, .com, .eu, .org, etc.

Your online window to the world is increasing the means by which customers, prospects and suppliers view you. For you to develop this window you need to purchase the space for this window. Hosting is the provision of space on the internet. There are several different hosting plans available to clients. Eagle Dreams provides a range of hosting packages to suit every business need.