Graphic Design

Graphic Design translates your business message in a visual format that relates to your target audience. Through the combination of text, colour, space and imagery, we use various methods to effectively create a visual representation of the message you wish to convey to your potential and existing customers.

Our success at Eagle Dreams comes from listening to and understanding your business needs and translating these into a functional design while adhering to your requirements, budget and timeframe.

Design speaks volumes and a quailty design has the power to return results by converting prospects into customers.

Web Design

Brand Development

Branding is a crucial part of marketing and cannot be understated. It identifies the maker of the product or service. Your brand consists of your logo, symbol, name, and the keywords which are associated with your company. It is important that customers recognise your brand and grow a relationship with it. This will lead to repeat business and customer loyalty. Your brand should signal a certain level of quality so that satisfied customers can easily choose the product/service again or tell others about it.

Here at Eagle Dreams, we understand your business requires a unique identity and personality, therefore we strive to understand your business, the target market and what message needs communication. Remember a strong brand commands deep consumer loyalty. Let us help you build a successful brand that represents your distinguished product/service.

Lar Corbett

Corporate Design

At Eagle Dreams, we believe image is key. Presenting a client or potential customer with a professionally designed brochure / business card creates a positive impact and conveys the high quality and standards of your business.

Our design style concentrates on clarity, organisation and expression so as to best communicate with your target market while also incorporating the brand concept and strategic thinking behind your product or service.

We rely on a one to one personal approach to achieving the results necessary to deliver a design that will ensure your business stands out from your competitors.

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